Bittersweet Hill Property Sign

This lovingly designed property sign is a real landmark, with its hand painted artwork and carved gold text. The carved border adds extra dimensionality to this hand crafted sign, which will last for years to come.

Flat Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
20 " x 13 "
  • My husband and I bought twelve acres of property (in our 50's I might add) in a beautiful rural place called Upper Black Eddy. In eleven months we (the contractors) built a dream home to retire in with the help of friends and relatives and little subcontracting while holding full time jobs. Needless to say there were trying times in the rain, snow and mud where I just sat down and said I can't do this -we have to sell. Also there were tears. But in the end and five years later, I love it!

    Bittersweet Hill came about because it was very bitter building but is very sweet living there! I also bought Bittersweet vines and planted them in my woods to establish this homestead's name forever. Thanks for capturing exactly what I wanted. Your staff was most helpful and wanted to get it just right for us, and you did!