Brighton Woods Property Sign

Birch bark and birch logs have been used for countless artistic and practical applications nearly wherever the tree is found. In Wales, the tree is a token of love. In North America, native peoples used it for building canoes, footwear, baskets and housing. In Russia, birch bark was used for making ‘Tuesi’ (airtight containers for storing liquids). It is a tree of great beauty and greater versatility, and it could be said that whole civilizations depended on it.

In today’s globalized society, the peoples of North America no longer depend on the birch’s wood and bark for survival. But the iconic tree is still loved for its unique colour and texture. Birch logs are a rustic design element that can be found on furniture, picture frames, and even handcrafted signs like the one shown here. Especially with the recent trend toward rustic wooden signs, birch bark looks like it’s here to stay.

Birch is a soft wood, and real birch wooden sign would soon deteriorate in the elements, that’s why we hand-sculpted the birch logs on this rustic property sign out of high density urethane (HDU). The faux tree-bark was hand-painted with artist acrylics, making for a sign that has an authentic rustic look, but will outlast any wooden sign. It is certainly a unique combination of elements – the high-brow hand-carved and gilded text combined with woodsy and rustic faux birch-bark logs. But, somehow, the two complement each other well. We may not depend on the birch tree for survival, but there’s nothing that says ‘rustic Americana’ like a faux-wooden handcrafted birch bark property sign!

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Artist Painted
Sign Size
36 " x 10 "