Oak Grove Property Sign

‘I WOULD BE ONE with the dark, dark earth: Follow the plough with a yokel tread. I would be part of the Indian corn, Walking the rows with the plumes o'erhead. I would be one with the lavish earth, Eating the bee-stung apples red: Walking where lambs walk on the hills; By oak-grove paths to the pools be led... Fruit of the traveller-heart of me, Fruit of my harvest-songs long sped: Sweet with the life of my sunburned days when the sheaves were ripe, and the apples red.’ Vachel Lindsay, The Traveller-Heart

The owner of this sign may not have had Lindsay’s poem in mind when they chose the name for their property, but it seems to fit well nevertheless. This unique design combines hand painted artwork as a backdrop on the large add on panel, which stands out from the variegated main sign which gives brings to mind a cloud-studded blue sky. A cove edge on the artwork, the carved and 23kt gold gilded text, and the black trim at both top and bottom all add the finishing touches that give the extra bit of class to this hanging sign, without too much ornamentation that would take away from its clean look. The best part is that the materials (high density urethane laminated to PVC core) will outlast wood by many years, being completely waterproof and insect-proof.

Carved & Gilded
Flat Painted Background
Sign Size
35 " x 41 "