Peregrine Point Property Sign

“A CROW WILL NEVER be a falcon.” Ukrainian Proverb

This beautiful hand-crafted sign adorns the entrance to Peregrine Point at Lake Toxaway, a scenic man-made lake in western North Carolina that is fed by mountain streams and surrounded by wooded hills. True to its name, a peregrine claims center stage, with its unmistakable barred markings and black head. Best known for its speed (clocked at 200 mph when diving for prey, with the fastest recorded speed being 242 mph), it is the fastest member of the animal kingdom. Found on every continent in the world, from the Arctic tundra to the tropics (everywhere except the extreme polar regions and New Zealand) it is the world’s most widespread raptor. With one of the longest migrations of any North American bird (birds that nest in the northern tundra winter in South America, which means these falcons may fly 15,500 miles in a year), the name ‘Peregrine’ is fitting, since it means ‘Wanderer’.

Once endangered, peregrines have made a real comeback since the early 1970’s when the use of pesticides such as DDT were banned, and large-scale protection of nesting places has taken place. Traditionally nesting on cliff edges, these birds have more recently made use of man-made structures and skyscrapers to build their nests, and city dwelling birds rely heavily on pigeons as a food source. Used in falconry for centuries, the peregrine is a well-loved symbol, and is used for many a club, sports team, and logo.

In this case, it is the handsome centrepiece on this dimensional sign. Hand sculpted and painted, with attention given to every detail, this is a striking entry statement. The letters and background outlines of the countryside are hand carved as well, and the main text is gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
32 " x 20 "