Riverdale Farm Sign

‘I LOVE THE HORSE from head to hoof, From head to hoof and tail to mane. I love the horse, as I have said. From head to hoof and back again’. James Whitcomb Riley

The dimensional horse artwork featured on this handsome property sign was sculpted with hand gouges and painted with artist acrylics. Surrounded with a hand carved border and incise carved text which are gilded with 23kt gold leaf, the lower text was carved and painted. A wide border gives this sign a bold and distinctive look, making it more than just an identifying entry sign, but rather a beautiful landmark. It follows the age old tradition from the days when words on signs were, if not non-existent, at least at a bare minimum. The picture said it all – not least of all because so few people could read and write. Even if most people are literate these days, the artwork says exactly what Riverdale is all about, as well as just looking great. Since it is built of HDU (high density urethane) this sign will be there for many years to welcome visitors and greet passersby. HDU is a closed cell material that is completely waterproof and insect-proof. It is the same weight, density and workability as wood, yet has the advantage of lacking a grain and having much long weatherability. The paints used were Dulux Weathershield – a highly UV resistant mineral pigment based paint which was developed in Australia where UV conditions are pretty much as harsh as they get.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted
Sign Size
51 " x 33 "