Pukavik Fish Camp Sign

PUKAVIK IS A TOWN in south eastern Sweden with a population of 279 as of the last census. Historically a shipbuilding center, many trading vessels had their origins here – especially boats suited to the ice and storms of the Baltic. Some notable wooden sailboats were made here:‘The Black Opal’, built in 1909, and used in the movie ‘Popeye’, is now used as a restaurant in a marina in Malta after a long and varied history. ‘Yngve’ was a three masted shooner built of oak and pine. ‘Orion’, built in 1945, and since renamed, was based on the plans of an 18th century three masted barque and was used in many films such as Treasure Island, Moll Flanders, Cutthroat Island, and Frenchman’s Creek – just to name a few.

Pukavik is also an area where people come to enjoy fishing and aquatic recreation – especially taking into account the very long days of sunlight in the summer months. Bjorkemolla is a small but popular fishing camp here. The folks at the camp were looking for a catchy sign that would be hand-crafted and dimensional and a fish was the obvious choice for the image.

In this case, the fish was rendered as a hand sculpted add on. The banner was also hand sculpted and painted, while parts of the background were chip carved. All text was incise carved using hand chisels, with the larger text and rope border gilded with 23kt gold and the lower text painted. Since the sign is made of HDU (high density urethane) it will be able to withstand the elements, being completely waterproof, and will not warp, split, crack or warp like wood would do over time. A great sign that will welcome visitors to Pukavik for years to come!

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on / Chip Carved Gold
Sign Size
32 " x 32 "