River Fern House Sign

“CLEAR AND GENTLE STREAM! Known and loved so long, That hast heard the song, And the idle dream of my boyish day; While I once again down thy margin stray, In the self-same strain Still my voice is spent, With my old lament, And my idle dream, Clear and gentle stream! Where my old seat was here again I sit, Where the long boughs knit Over stream and grass A translucent eaves: Where back eddies play shipwreck with the leaves, And the proud swans stray, Sailing one by one out of stream and sun, And the fish lie cool in their chosen pool.” Robert Bridges

This handsome house sign includes hand painted artwork and dimensional hand sculpted and painted fern add ons. The text and groove border are incise carved using hand chisels (no CNC routers here!) and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. The sign itself was painted using Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylic paints – engineered in Australia to be highly UV resistant for the harshest conditions. With a base of mineral pigment, most colors will not show noticeable fading for 8 – 10 years. Constructed of high density urethane (HDU), the sign has the weight, feel, workability and density of wood, yet has the advantage of being much longer lasting, since it is completely waterproof and insect-proof. This sign includes Danthonia’s wall hanging system, which consists of interlocking aluminium rails attached to the back of the sign with stainless steel screws– one side on the sign and the other for attaching to the wall.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on / Flat Painted Background
Sign Size
20 " x 12 "