Rowena Town Entry Sign

“A LAND, as far as the eye can see, where the waving grasses grow Or the plains are blackened and burnt and bare, where the false mirages go Like shifting symbols of hope deferred - land where you never know. Land of plenty or land of want, where the grey Companions dance, Feast or famine, or hope or fear, and in all things land of chance, Where Nature pampers or Nature slays, in her ruthless red, romance. And we catch a sound of a fairy's song, as the wind goes whipping by, Or a scent like incense drifts along from the herbage ripe and dry Or the dust storms dance on their ballroom floor, where the bones of the cattle lie.” Banjo Paterson

The town of Rowena (population approximately 50) lies within the shire of Walgett in the far northwest of New South Wales. Squatters first moved into this area in the 1830’s, and the township was established in 1906, when the railway reached this area. As the artwork on the sign implies, cotton growing is an important source of income in this area.

This striking sign is one of an extensive sign system throughout Walgett shire. Each sign includes beautiful dimensional add on letters trimmed with 23kt gold leaf. The banner is hand sculpted and the artwork is hand painted directly on each sign, as well as hand-crafted trim. Each sign was made of high density urethane (HDU) – a completely waterproof and insect-proof material that will last for many years to come, even in the harsh conditions out here in the bush.

Add on letters / Carved
Sculpted & Painted Add on / Flat Painted
Sign Size
73 " x 47 "