Serendipity House Name Sign

EXPRESSIONS of true elegance are often best understated. Sometimes 'less is more' when choosing the best design for your house name sign. 'Serendipity' is a very popular house name. Over the last few years we have created eight different signs of various descriptions for houses with this name. The client who purchased this simple, tasteful ‘Serendipity’ sign in 2007 hails from Queensland Australia, and wanted something 'flash' but not 'over the top'.

At first they considered a classic rectangle with serif font, but then opted for a design using 'inverse corners' and a more contemporary calligraphic font. The text and groove we hand carved with a chisel then gilded in 23kt gold leaf. Traditional handcrafting skills were employed so this treatment has an historic look to it - but without being old fashioned.

Give us a try - we would love to carve you a beautiful house name sign.

Australians of European descent do not have a long handcrafted sign making tradition. Their tastes and wishes are often a bit more contemporary than our USA customers who look back with some nostalgia to pre-1776 colonial architecture and related hand carved sign styles. But that is one of the rewarding aspects of custom handcrafted sign making - no two sign designs need to be alike. Danthonia's artisans can do the whole range. Our materials are a modern HDU/PVC laminate so this sign will significantly outlast the comparable carved wood signage of yester-year.

If you would like a sign very similar to this one click the button that says 'Send me a quote'. Tell us any changes you would like to see on your version of the sign and we can help you with the design from there. If you would like to experiment with a totally new design click the button that says 'Create a new sign' and use our web based design tools to create something special and unique for your house name sign.

Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
20 " x 10 "