FOURTEEN YEARS AGO we plunged into the hand-crafted sign industry with a lot of enthusiasm. We've learned a lot since then. Perhaps the greatest thing we've learned is what a rich and varied trade we are in. In addition to many interesting historical notes, there seems to always be a new technique, tip or trick, and the more we discover the more there is to find out. That's both the joy and challenge of creating custom hand-made signs. If you're also intrigued by the traditions and terminologies of our sign crafting profession, take some time to peruse these pages:

A Brief History of the Carved Wooden Sign

For centuries signs have been carved from beautiful old growth woods Like Brazilian Mahogany or California Redwood that are now endangered...(Read More.)

Building Signs

Back when pedestrians, horses and carts filled city streets, the signage on buildings reflected the slower pace of traffic. Passers-by had time to stop and admire carved ornaments and hand-painted images....(Read More.)

Cape Cod Signs

The sign-carving tradition in this area started in the days of clipper ships. Back then, by law every ship had to carry a carved nameplate, or ‘quarterboard’ identifying the ship....(Read More.)

Evaluating HDU Signage

Not all HDU signs are created equal. After many years of making and monitoring HDU signs, our team has learned some important things about HDU sign construction....(Read More.)

Redwood Signs

The abundance of redwood in California made it the wood of choice for many American makers of hand-carved and sandblasted signs during the mid-twentieth century ... (Read More.)

Rustic Signs

As the world’s population has become more urbanised, ‘rural’ products have become sought-after. Rustic signage has truly come into its own ... (Read More.)