Sleeping Bear Lodge Sign

‘…HER GREAT WEIGHT creaks the barbed wire in its staples As she flings over and off down through the maples, Leaving on one wire tooth a lock of hair. Such is the uncaged progress of the bear…’from The Bear, Robert Frost

Black bears are the most common and familiar of North America’s bears. Although they are called black, their coloring can actually vary widely – anything from black to sandy brown to a bluish gray and even white (Kemoda bears in one area of British Columbia). Intelligent and curious, they are usually shy and can live up to 25 years in the wild. One of the smaller bears, they can still get big enough (averaging between 125 and 600 lbs.) Good tree climbers and swimmers, they can also run up to 35 miles per hour – so it still pays to treat them with a fair amount of respect!

When the owners of Sleeping Bear Lodge were looking for artwork on their sign, they opted for the hand sculpted image of a bear nestled in the crook of a tree. The incise carved letters and groove border were gilded with 23kt gold leaf, while the subtext and paw prints were carved and painted, to add an extra bearish touch. Since the sign is made of high density urethane (HDU), it has the look and feel of wood, yet will outlast wood by years. The paints are highly UV-resistant Australian engineered Dulux Weathershield, which are mineral based and are guaranteed by the manufacturer not to fade, crack or blister for 15 years.

Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
20 " x 17 "