Tizzana Winery Sign

With every driveway sign along the Hawkesbury River announcing its resident wine-makers or grape growers, Tizzana Winery needed something to make them stand out. They already had several welcome signs, and even some way-finding, but they came to us for highway eye-catcher. This custom property sign features sandblasted text with gilded highlights, and contributes to the Tuscan atmosphere at Tizzana.

The winery’s history dates back to 1887, when Dr. Thomas Fiaschi, an Italian surgeon immigrant who was also a viticulturalist, bought 230 acres of land on the Hawkesbury River and on which he planted vines and founded Tizzana. Sandstone buildings were constructed for living quarters, cellars and grape processing and the imported French and Italian vines produced award-winning wines under his direction. Though the buildings were destroyed by vandals in 1955, the winery was restored in 1969, with the cellars kept as original as possible. Now classified as a National Trust building, award-winning wines are again being produced from grapes grown on the property, along with 4 acres of olive trees.

Not only a winery, but a bed and breakfast as well, Tizzana is located in the perfect setting. The whole Hawkesbury area is not far from Sydney, the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Listed Area, and a host of other places both natural and steeped in history – Wollemi Wilderness, Windsor, and Wisemans Ferry, to name a few.

Now, when you are up that way, look out for the new entry sign! You can’t miss it – just follow the pointing hand, and have a great experience!

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
36 " x 45 "