Town Signs & Park Signs

LOCAL governments use handcrafted signs to promote tourism and attract business investment to their area. An attractive and well planned town signage and wayfinding signage strategy can give visitors a feeling of confidence, safety and well being.

Town entry signs welcome people at each boundary and send a visual message that this place is interesting and a worthy destination. Good park and trail signage can help people to find their way around the area while establishing a strong community brand. Government crests promote local pride, heritage and teamwork whether at the town hall, a government office or local fire department.

The team at Danthonia are experts at town and park signage. Call on our skilled designers to help with custom designs for major branding or wayfinding projects - or create your own smaller signs by using the design tools on this website. Be sure to ask about our anti grafitti coatings and our retro reflective paints for town welcome signs that need to be readable at night under headlights.

  • We were extremely impressed by the professionalism and expertise shown by Danthonia in both the design and crafting of our seven entry signs. We like to think we’re the region of first choice. We needed border signs to reflect this, signs which would not only welcome people, but make them instantly aware of the uniqueness of the area.The Danthonia signs stand proud, welcoming visitors and residents alike to the natural beauty of our region. The aesthetics of the signs equate perfectly with Isaac’s character. The signs are elegant and refined - modern and inviting.

    Mark Crawley, CEO - Isaac Regional Council

How to Order

  • • Find a sign you like then click “send me a quote”. We will tweak the design for you, and send you a quote.
  • • If you already have a design idea, email us and attach it. We will get back to you with a quote.