Breakfast Point Subdivision Sign

BREAKFAST POINT got its intriguing name in 1788. One Captain John Hunter was in command of the HMS Sirius and exploring the Parramatta River. He had stopped to cook breakfast on the shore and had a friendly encounter with 7 Aboriginal males of the Wangal Clan. They approached him in 2 canoes, leaving their spears behind - in a gesture of peace and goodwill. The moment was immortalized in the ships log and a place name bestowed that has been used (at least by English speaking Sydneysiders) for well over 200 years.

Today Breakfast Point is the location of one of the largest urban renewal developments in Sydney's history. Located twenty minutes from the CBD, Breakfast Point provides over 2,700 wealthy residents an ideal waterfront location. It is in close proximity to several famous private schools, everything from hospital to country club to recreation and shopping can be found practically at one's doorstep. A choice of penthouses, town houses and family homes are available to the newcomer who wishes to take part in this lifestyle experience. "Life lived well, is life lived best" is a philosophy found quoted in brochures about this master-planned community.

When marketing management at Breakfast Point needed some high end handcrafted signage to enhance their brand experience - they came to Danthonia Designs. Four round signs on posts were commissioned to be placed in gardens at strategic locations around the village center. The art was a 3D 'natural breakfast' food arrangement - hand sculpted and artist painted. The off white signage colors were chosen to complement the look and style of community architecture.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
39 " x 39 "