Inglewood Town Entrance Sign

“FOR THIRTY YEARS he talked in feathered pride, For thirty years he talked before he died. You say that parrots do not really know the meaning of the words they speak? Just so, I grant you that you may be right – but then, do men?” Theodore Stephanides

The shire of Inglewood chose the Pale Headed Rosella for their entrance sign for obvious reasons – it is a handsome parrot that can often be seen throughout this part of mainly rural south eastern Queensland. The country varies from open cattle, sheep grazing and dry land farming to native forests, rolling hills and rugged ranges. The motto ‘Naturally Resourceful’ is apt – since the area includes everything from grain, wool, timber and beef production to olive processing, wine making, citrus, fish, organic chickens and lavender.

The clean and classy design of their shire entry sign is really just one design in a matching sign system. In this case, the rosella was carefully hand sculpted and painted realistically, copying from photos. The letters were carved using hand chisels, while the sign panel itself was framed, adding depth to this already dimensional sign. The sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) which has the density, weight and workability of wood, yet being completely waterproof, it has a much longer life than wood, which can warp, rot and crack over time. The paint used was top of the line Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylics – mineral pigment-based paints engineered in Australia for the harshest UV conditions, so this sign will welcoming visitors to Inglewood for some years to come.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
83 " x 55 "