Port Ewen Town Entry Sign

PORT EWEN is a village in Ulster County, New York. Located right on the west bank of the Hudson River, at the mouth of Rondout Creek, it is in an area that is steeped in history. The famous slave, Sojourner Truth, lived here in the early 1800’s, working in the town’s tavern. Going further back , though, it was the Englishman Henry Hudson who stumbled upon the river while looking for a passage to China in 1609. Since he was hired by the Dutch East Indies Company, the first European settlers in the area were Dutch. Of course, the original native inhabitants lived here long before the first ship sailed down the river. One of the river’s earlier names was ‘Mahicantuck’ which means ‘great waters in constant motion’ or ‘river that flows two ways’. Anyone who has spent time by the river will observe how it reflects the ocean’s tide, which can be felt all the way upriver to Troy. In those early years, the river was seen as treacherous, especially in the area about 50 to 65 miles north of the city of New York, where strong currents and winds made sailing difficult. Of course, the river played a huge role as historyunfolded here and the colonies started to fight for their independence.

This striking village entry sign combines bright colors with hand crafted dimensional artwork. The sailboat is a hand sculpted add on, while the background painting of the river and hamlet is itself an oval add on. The main text is incise carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted Add on / Flat Painted
Sign Size
57 " x 38 "