Spring Ridge Town Welcome Signs

FOLLOWING amalgamation Liverpool Plains Shire Council came to Danthonia for the design and supply of a number of new town entry signs. An extensive agricultural area in the north-western slopes of New South Wales, Australia - the signs had to say something about the towns that would be of interest to tourists. Sunflowers, one of the most profitable and beautiful local crops was chosen as the artwork theme for most of the towns like Spring Ridge and Willow Tree. But Werris Creek requested a steam engine as theirs was the first railway town in Australia with a station established in 1878.

Our designers created a template that would accommodate either sunflowers or train artwork and still present a unified brand. This Liverpool Plains sign system took 2nd place in its category in the International Signs of the Times design contest - 2011.

The vertical design works well for limited space available along the shoulder of some roads. The wider add on panel allows the town names to be large and readable from a good distance. A retro reflective coating provids good night reading via headlight illumination. Hand sculpted, hand painted artwork catches the attention of tourists and gives a positive and welcoming brand experience for the area as a whole and each town individually.

The post design resembles an artist's easel and encourages motorists to appreciate the beauty of the area as they arrive and consider stopping in one or the other town for a meal, overnight or trip to the historic railway station museum.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add on / Flat Painted
Sign Size
54 " x 61 "