Yetman Town Welcome Sign

“MANY MEN GO FISHING all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Henry David Thoreau

The town of Yetman in northern New South Wales is not a large place (178 at the last census), but it has a lot going for it, especially if you are a fisherman. Located right on the Macintyre River, it is a mecca for those who are keen on trying their luck at catching the cod and yellowbelly here, since the stretch of water around here is said to be the best in the entire Murray-Darling river system for these fish. Members of the local fishing club gather regularly at the riverbank and at the suitably named Cod Fish Hotel Motel – well known among fishing folk as the place to get together to assemble rods, and the place to relax and swap fishing stories. The hotel also sponsors annual trophies for the yearly Easter fishing competition, an event that draws people from near and far. Originally called The Macintyre Hotel, it was built sometime around 1866, when Yetman’s first store opened.

Although fishing is high on the list of attractions, it isn’t the only thing that goes on here. Beef cattle and horses, sheep, wool and timber also developed over the years, and then wheat-growing became highly successful around the 1950’s.

When the town of Yetman wanted a new town entrance sign, they asked Danthonia for something unique, that would reflect their town and, of course, the Murray Cod. The result was this award winning sign (2010 Sign & Digital Graphics Portfolio). The fish was a hand sculpted and painted add on, as were the gum nuts, leaves and banner at the bottom of the sign. The hand painting river scene provided a backdrop, while the text was all hand carved and painted.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted Add on / Flat Painted
Sign Size
71 " x 38 "