West Wind House Sign

'West Wind' was designed using Danthonia's sign designer tools. The artwork is skillfully relief sculpted into the sign surface and hand painted.

Carved & Palladium Gilded
Relief Carved
Sign Size
31 " x 13 "
  • I just received my quarterboard. It is perfect and I love it. Thank you! I just lost my husband of 38 years. After he died I built the house we had planned together. We had even planned the quarterboard. We love the Thorton Burgess children books and read them to our children. He wrote a book called 'Old Mother West Wind'. My husband just happened to pick up that book just before he got sick and read it. It was the last book he read, and he read a lot of books! Also, we had just moved from North Carolina, a state 2,200 miles from Utah. We moved here because several of our children live here. Now, I live in the 'West' and where I am living it is really windy!. All those things came together in this sign, and you put it together so beautifully.