Whitaker Welcome Sign

“THE SECRETS OF remote lagoon From morning's blush of dawn, Till rise of eve's nocturnal moon sung by her eerie song. Such wonderment from wint'ry surd, Soliloquy's mere tune. Grand jubilance in summer's heard - Uncommon sounds the loon. Bespeckled pinions, grace in flight, Resplendent is her plume. Bemusing splash to see her light cavort about the flume. Her serenade's a proud regale, A songbird so unique. How wondrous her falsetto wail reechoing mystique. I'll not divulge the secret song of this remote lagoon. I'd rather hearken years along the laughter of the loon.” Nancy Ness, The Laughter of the Loon

This lovely property sign includes a dimensional hand sculpted loon. The main text is hand carved and gilded while the smaller text is carved and painted.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted Add on
Sign Size
24 " x 15 "