Woods Posse Property Sign

‘BEWARE THE SOFT-VOICED OWL, the ferret’s smile, The hawk’s deliberated stoop in air, Cold eyes, and bodies hooped in steel, Forever bent upon the kill.’ Geoffrey Hill

The snowy owl, with its unmistakable white plumage, reflects its origins in the far north, where its white coloring make it blend in with its snowy habitat. This bird is a patient hunter, perching and waiting, with keen eyesight and incredible hearing, helping it locate unseen quarry under thick vegetation or snow. Then, swiftly and deftly, it will swoop and snatch its prey with sharp talons – the favorite meal being lemmings, and a lot of them! In fact, an adult snowy owl will eat around 1,600 lemmings in a year, along with rabbits, muskrats, squirrels, moles, birds, and fish. It is interesting to note that, unlike other owl species, snowy owls mainly hunt in the daytime.

Breeding on the Arctic tundra, a female will lay a clutch of anywhere from 3 to 11 eggs, depending on the food supply. Parents are fierce defenders of their nest, even driving off wolves who get too close. Some birds will remain in the north year-round, though many will migrate south in the winter, and some have been found as far south as central California and Florida. They are one of the largest species of owl in North America and are easy to recognize with their white feathers and large size (20 – 28” long and a wingspan of 49 – 59”). Although the adult male is basically pure white, females and young birds have some dark mottling.

Hand sculpted and painted with great attention to detail, the snowy owl on this attractive property sign makes it stand out. The letters and round accent were hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold, while a cove edge in complementary colors finishes it off beautifully.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
19 " x 14 "