Wyomie Property Sign

“PEOPLE HAVE GOT the impression that the merino is a gentle, bleating animal that gets its living without trouble to anybody, and comes up every year to be shorn with a pleased smile upon its amiable face. It is my purpose here to exhibit the merino sheep in its true light…” Banjo Paterson

No doubt Paterson had a few things to say about these sheep, and not all the most complimentary when it comes to intelligence and obedience. But Merino sheep are known the world over as one of the best breeds for their high quality wool, and merino fleece is right at the top of the grading charts for fineness, being the standard against which all other are measured. Called the ‘golden fleece’, it commands the highest price and finds a ready market – whether sold as raw wool for the spinner or graded wood for wool buyers. Because merino wool is so fine, it is less itchy than other wool.

Originally from south Portugal, where it then moved on to Spain, the merino was already known and highly prized ever since the Middle Ages. Now, the Australian Merino is not just one single breed, but a number of strains that are uniquely Australian. Versatile and resilient, they have thrived throughout the country (and the world), with its great variety in climate and environment - from the lush pastures of America’s Midwest to Australia’s arid outback.

Here, the iconic merino ram is relief sculpted and painted as a dimensional add on for this farm sign in New South Wales. The text is hand carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

Carved & Gilded
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
26 " x 13 "