52 Second Street House Number Sign

“THE LORIKEETS all screech and swoop, gregariously they gather. And into dusk dance in a loop, the lorikeets all screech and swoop. Then near red bottle-brush they group, to form a colourful slather.” Anonymous

Rainbow Lorikeets have been a favorite image on property signs in Australia, with their brilliant coloring and handsome looks. Well known, especially in coastal regions across northern and eastern part of the country, they are hard to mistake for anything else. As bright as they are, they are usually heard before they are seen, with their loud screeching and squawking, in fast-moving flocks or communal roosts at night. These parrots prefer woodlands – though they have also adapted well to urban areas, especially where native trees are planted such as bottlebrush and grevillea, whose flowres provide them with nectar and pollen. Second best to that, they will eat fruits, seeds and some insects as well. Nesting in hollows of trees, their eggs are laid on decayed, chewed wood, and both male and female will prepare the nest and feed the young.

Two cheery, brightly painted and hand-sculpted rainbow lorikeets welcome the residents of 52 Second Street home every evening from their perch on this lovely sign. The text is all hand carved into the sign surface - both gilded and painted, while the cove edge frames all and adds the finishing touch. Since the sign is made of waterproof high density urethane (HDU) it will out-weather wood, although it has the look, weight, density and workability of wood without the cracking, rotting or splitting that are all part of wood over time.

Carved & Gilded / Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 20 "