West Pointe Manor House Number Sign

APPLE BLOSSOMS are the focal point of this elegant property sign in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Hand sculpted and painted, this artwork was chosen from among literally hundreds of options on Danthonia’s sign designer website, where the owners of West Pointe Manor were able to create the custom design that was just right for their home. The sign colors, shape, size, text style, edging, texture, etc. were all assembled and configured online with the price showing as they designed, so they could budget their sign as they went along. They could save as many revisions as they wanted, to go back and work on again or to send to family and friends. When they were happy with it, they ordered it, received a polished design proof, gave their final approval and the sign was delivered in three weeks.

Incise Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
28 " x 20 "
  • We love our sign! The sign that says "The Scott's" was made by your company. We lived on an acreage in the middle of a forest and it was perfect.
    When we moved to a new town, we knew we wanted a sign from you. The design process the second time around was so much better! Instead of talking to someone via email, I was able to specifically pick exactly what I wanted. In addition, there were so many choices for shape, color, lettering, and graphics.
    Our first sign now hangs in our garage (we couldn't bear to part with it) and our new sign is the highlight of our front yard. We have had numerous compliments on it.
    Thanks for making the process so easy and streamlined. We definitely would recommend using Danthonia Designs!
    Ken and Stephanie