58 White House Number Sign

PINE CONES HAVE always been a favorite choice for an image on signs, probably because there is such a wide variety of shapes and types, and they are an icon in North America where pines, cedars, hemlocks and other conifers are an important part of the landscape. The well-loved picture of snow-covered pines in winter, and memories of the yearly Christmas tree are all part of their appeal.

Worldwide, there are over 115 species of pine trees, while the US can claim about 35 types – among them fir, spruces, bristlecone pine and sequoias, with other introduced pines such as Scots and Austrian joining the scenery. The largest lving tree in the world is a pine – a 379 foot tall sequoia named ‘Hyperion’ located in the Redwood National Forest in California. The oldest living tree is a 13 foot tall Norway Spruce found in Sweden. They say that the root system of this tree dates back 9,550 years – which would make it about the time of the last ice age. This is possible through rejuvenation of new seedlings from the roots when the original tree dies. Another interesting pine fact: the heaviest pine cones in the world are from a coulter pine (named after Irish botanist Thomas Coulter) – weighing up to ten pounds. The longest pine cone is found on the Sugar Pine which can grow up to two feet long.

The pine cones on this handcrafted property sign were hand painted and chosen from among hundreds of options on our sign designer website. The sign shape, size, colors, text style, texture, etc. were all configured by the customer and designed specifically for their property.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted Artwork
Sign Size
19 " x 24 "
  • Here’s a photo of our sign hanging at the end of our driveway in new Hampshire. It looks great!
    Connie White