Beach House Property Sign

THIS CLASSIC is one of our most popular and most often viewed beach house sign designs. The deep 'Blue Lobelia' paint color contrasts so well with the carved 'Vivid White' text and the dimensional gold-gilded shell really catches the eye of passers-by. At this size the name 'Beach House’ is readable from about 25 yards away, making it a perfect plaque to hang by the front door.

Scallops and scallop shells are found through out the seven seas and the owner of this sign is from the Chesapeake Bay area of Virginia USA where the Atlantic Sea Scallop is a much enjoyed food and artistic motif. Scallops are fascinating creatures that can extend and contract a "foot" from the mouth of their shell to bury themselves in deep in the sand. A free-living scallop can also propel itself through the water by opening and closing its shell.

Used for centuries in art and design the scallop shell symbol found its way into heraldry as a symbol of pilgrimage. Personal coats of arms that incorporate the scallop shell include no less than those of Prince Harry and Pope Benedict XVI.

In nature scallop shells are found in a wide range of patterns and colors, mostly in the whites, tans, pinks, and browns. But as a symbol the shell is often gold gilded. Danthonia usually hand-sculpts signage artwork like this from HDU, but for popular symbols like this one that are requested again and again we make a mould from casting resin. All of our sign materials are waterproof - a must for long lasting beach house signs.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
16 " x 10 "