Big Wheel Beach House Sign

BIG WHEEL BEACH HOUSE is one of the newest vacation rental homes at Seabrook, a beautiful new oceanside community in Washington state. The idea for having a tricycle on a beach house sign came about from the owners’ happy memories of riding a trike with big wheels as a child, and the wish that this holiday home would offer the chance to make many more good memories for the families who stay here. This friendly little sign is a perfect match for the housewhich is cozy, and yet has enough space for three bedrooms and plenty of room to live in downstairs. A fireplace for cool nights, games room, ocean views, balcony overlooking the sea, and even a garage stocked with bikes, helmets, kites, sand toys, clam guns and you name it!

Danthonia made two sizes of signs for Big Wheel – both made of HDU (high density urethane) which is a completely waterproof closed cell material (similar to the stuff they make surfboards from). This has the same feel, weight and density as wood, yet is much longer lasting. This was laminated to a PVC backing, for added stability in installation. Painted with Dulux Weathershield paints – engineered in Australia where UV is intense – the signs will not fade, crack or blister for years to come. The cheery trike with its add on flag was hand sculpted, while the text was carved using hand chisels (no CNC routers in our sign shop). Sturdy aluminum back rails were supplied for easy installation at no extra charge.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted
Sign Size
14 " x 14 "