Family Beach House Sign

THE ICONIC ADIRONDACK CHAIR is one of our most popular choices for beach house signs, and it is really no surprise. Anyone who has ever kicked back in the low slung, ergonomically curved seat of one of these great yet simple chairs will know why, and the sight of an Adirondack chair tends to bring to mind great memories of relaxed summer days with family and friends at the cottage or the beach.

Originally made with 11 flat wooden boards, with a straight back and wide armrests (perfect for holding a plate of food or glass of lemonade), is is quite easy to build. In some parts of Canada, it is named the Muskoka chair, while in French speaking Canada it is known as the Laurentian chair or chaise des Laurentides. First designed in 1903 in the Adirondack Mountains, Thomas Lee was the man who came up with the design and tested it out on his family. When a final prototype was approved by all, he asked a carpenter friend who needed work to construct his ‘Westport plank chair’. As sometimes happens, someone spotted it and, seeing the marketing potential, took out a patent in 1905 (without Lee’s permission, so the story goes) and ‘Westport chairs’ were manufactured for the next twenty years, made of hemlock planks and painted in standard green or dark brown. As time went on, the chair received minor tweaks, but in the main, its time-tested design has remained pretty much the same – still the most comfortable chair in the yard or on the porch, where you can find adaptations in the form of swing gliders and love seats.

Our Family Beach House sign features the chair rendered as a hand carved and 23kt gold gilded work of art, with hand carved and gilded letters and painted subtext with matching carved groove border. Although it looks exactly like a wooden sign, it is made of HDU (high density urethane) which has the weight, density and look of wood, but will last much longer than wood, since it is completely waterproof and insect-proof. This sign will be at the beach house for years to come, welcoming folks to sit down, relax and make some good memories.

Carved & Gilded
Incise Carved & Gilded
Sign Size
24 " x 14 "