Inn Seaclusion Cottage Sign

THERE IS JUST SOMETHING about beach houses that inspires their owners to come up with unique names – personal, symbolic, unique, funny, and reminiscent of good times, which is what holiday homes are all about. Anything to do with relaxing, leaving the office and work behind, and of course, the beach and the sea itself with all its nautical terms –all are common themes. Usually, the signs are casual and often funny, and after making beach house signs over the years, we have noticed that they also seem to lend themselves to puns (especially when a family name makes an obvious choice). So just for fun, here is a partial list of some of the names we have run across in our travels: Waite ‘n Sea, Looney Dunes, Sol Mate, Vitamin Sea, Costa Lotta, Pacific Whim, A Shore Thing, All Decked Out, Tern About, Knot a Care, Sea Esta, Carpe Beachum, Leg a Sea, A Wave From it All, Once Upon a Tide, Fantasea, Lazy Daze, Sunny Side Up, Contingent Sea, Recovery Room, See Pointe, Slo n EZ, Southern Exposure, Beach Nuts, Beachy Keen, Sand Castle, Sea Hab, A Sound View, Sea la Vie, Latitude Adjustment, Seas the Day, Beer Necessities, Dune our Thing, Shore Enuff, Legal Ease, Fitz us Fine, Once Upon a Tide, and the sign shown here - Inn Seaclusion.

This attractive custom gate sign has a hand-sculpted 3D sea shell gilded in 23kt gold leaf. The HDU panel coated with Dulux Weathershield paints guarantee a very long lasting sign for this seaside environment. Text is flat painted with a carved groove border.

Flat Painted
Sculpted & Gilded Add on
Sign Size
19 " x 13 "
  • Even in the salt air environment it looks brand new. Will be getting with you shortly on a larger sign for the front of the house.