Shells Yeah Beach House Sign

“SEASHELLS REMIND US that every passing life leaves something beautiful behind.” Unknown

Gathering seashells is a pastime that people the world over enjoy – both by the sea and by inland lakes and rivers. Anyone who has been lucky enough to spend some time by the ocean, scouring a sandy beach for the prettiest shells, will agree. The fascinating shapes, colors and sizes are never-ending, and searching for the perfect, most undamaged specimen can be somewhat addictive.

Periwinkles of all sorts, baby’s ears, whelks of varying descriptions, spiny jewel box, murex, alphabet cone, moon snail, king’s crown, starfish, scotch bonnet, various conches, kitten’s paw, scallops, cockles, clams, angel wings, and even a slipper shell that really does look like a tiny slipper – these and many, many more invite collectors at the water’s edge.

Obviously, the person who designed this beach house sign on our sign designer website felt the same way about seashells. Choosing the most vibrant colors, he created a design with a warm, summery feel to it. The sign shape, size, artwork, text style, edging, texture, etc. were all options for him to choose from, to come up with a personalized, custom sign that was just right for his beach house. And since it is made of waterproof high density urethane (HDU), the sign will withstand years of wear, tear and weather by the sea, long outlasting wood.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted Artwork
Sign Size
24 " x 24 "
  • My sign arrived today, and I am absolutely thrilled with the quality and craftsmanship! Being a customer from the United States, I was a little worried that it might take a long time to arrive, and that it might possibly be damaged in transit. To my shock, the sign arrived in just three days, and the packing job was first rate! I will definitely be ordering again from Danthonia Designs! Many thanks for a job well done!