Welcome Signs

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“NO MORE from that cottage again will I roam; Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home." - John Howard Payne

What could be more comforting than to be welcomed by loved ones under a familiar sign that says you are really home? Welcome friends and family into your home with a custom-designed welcome sign on your door or front gate. It's one of the subtle touches that make your house into a home.

Getting a custom welcome sign is easy. Simply look through the sample sign photos at left, choose a sign design you like and tell us how you would like us to customize it for you.

Our welcome home signs are weatherproof and hand-crafted, using traditional chisel-carving techniques. Signs like these often have a personal story behind them - like the one below - so longevity is important. We use long lasting materials that look like a classic old style wood sign but last much longer out in the weather.

If your house sign needs to include your street address have a look at the samples in our House Number Signs section.

  • The welcome sign my dad purchased from you was a gift for me. My mom had died in February of 2010. My husband and I purchased a house at the beach that summer. we had vacationed with my mom every summer and it was her favorite place. We decided to name the beach house 'The Donna Marie' after my mom. My dad had the sign made - he wanted this as a memorial. The sign now proudly hangs in the entranceway of 'The Donna Marie'. It is so beautiful and such a wonderful representation of my mom. She was dearly loved and very missed. So that is how your business impacted our family... we thank you!


How to Order

  • • Find a sign you like then click “send me a quote”. We will tweak the design for you, and send you a quote.
  • • If you already have a design idea, email us and attach it. We will get back to you with a quote.