Ladhope Pharmacy Sign

LADHOPE COMPOUNDING PHARMACY in Brisbane, Queensland is the kind of pharmacy that is less common now than in the past. Pharmaceutical compounding is basically the art of creating a custom product to fit the need of a particular patient. Whether it is the need to change a medication from a pill to a liquid form, to create a specific dosage necessary for a specific active ingredient, to eliminate some element of a medication to which a patient may be allergic, or just to make a medication taste better – it is a skilled practice. Many of the customers are directed to Ladhope by their doctor because they are not able to source their specific medication commercially – perhaps because of the dosage, the form of medication, or the ingredients.

Compounding used to be routine in the days before mass production of medicine and the mortar and pestle, which has become an old fashioned symbol in the mainstream pharmacy trade, is little used in real life these days by most chemists. The trade has ancient roots though – going back to the days of hunter-gatherers who already had some knowledge of plants, animals, molds, bacteria and minerals and their medicinal properties. Discoveries were made of poisons the their antidotes, ointments and oils were made. Particularly in medieval times, Muslim pharmacists were already developing advanced methods of compounding drugs, and the first chemist opened shop in Baghdad in 754. Of course, ever since then, new discoveries and improvements were made, and some early knowledge most certainly fell by the wayside as well. It makes for a fascinating history.

The mortar and pestle on this Danthonia sign were hand sculpted and painted, while the letters were both sculpted add on as well as hand incise carved and gilded with 23kt gold leaf. It is a great example of two old world crafts coming together – a hand carved sign for custom compounded pharmaceuticals.

Prism Carved Add ons / Incise Carved
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
79 " x 24 "