Schoner Garten House Sign

THIS LOVELY LITTLE HOUSE SIGN in Mount Airy, Maryland was designed using Danthonia’s sign designer tools. With an interesting play on words, Schöner Garten (‘beautiful garden’ in German) was a great choice of names for the Schöngarth family, with colourful artwork to further emphasize the name.

The sign was designed using Danthonia’s sign designer tools, where the customer was able to create his own personal sign. He chose each of the elements and configured them himself – sign shape, size, edge style, font, texture, colors, hanging system, etc. Since he could see the price show as he went along, he could budget his project, and the price had no surprises, since shipping was included in the cost. He could save as many versions as he liked, emailing them to friends or family for feedback, and when he was ready, he added it to the cart and ordered. A refined design proof was emailed back within a day for his comments and final approval, and the sign went into production, with delivery to the door three weeks later.

The flowers on this were hand sculpted and painted and the letters were incise carved using hand chisels as well.

Carved & Painted
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
20 " x 14 "
  • I found Danthonia Designs while doing a web search. I had an idea of a Christmas present for my parents and started to search and your name popped up. I thought the web designer was amazing and easy to use and I am very happy with the results based on the praise of the sign my parents have given me. Thank you very much.
    Jeffrey Schoengarth