Park Signage & Trail Signs

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PARK and trail signs play an essential role in conveying the unique qualities of any outdoor recreational facility or historical site. Whether you need a large entrance sign or small directional trail markers, Danthonia Designs can assist. We will work with you to design and create custom carved park signs that attract the attention and respect your facility deserves.

To create the park or trail sign most suited to your purposes, a variety of special features are available. Text for your sign can be hand-carved, painted, and even gilded to make it highly visible and attractive. In addition, we can custom carve 3-D sculptures to enhance your entrance sign or location markers. Flat paintings made by our experienced artists can also be added to a park or trail sign to illustrate and promote areas of natural beauty.

Danthonia Designs uses High Density Urethane, (HDU), as its sign base. Park and trail signs made from this material exhibit the natural appearance and aesthetic qualities of a hand-carved wooden sign. However, they will never rot, decay or weather, as do wooden signs.

Directional signs are another important aspect of your park or trail. Directional signs must be clear and effective so that patrons can navigate your park with confidence and ease. The depth of our hand-carved letters and directional symbols combine with the contrast of paints and gilded text to provide high visibility and clarity that conveys meaning of your directional signs to drivers and pedestrians alike.

  • The City of Boroondara Parks and Gardens Department has been thrilled with the expertise and craftsmanship of Danthonia Designs. Our new signs are stylish and unique and depict at a glance the character of each site for our visitors. Our aim in developing the new signs was to create a style of sign for each of our park types - heritage, environmental, general and sporting. We believe that the new signs installed to date are achieving this successfully and we look forward to developing and installing more in the near future.

    - Janyce McMurtrie, Boroondara City Council

How to Order

  • • Find a sign you like then click “send me a quote”. We will tweak the design for you, and send you a quote.
  • • If you already have a design idea, email us and attach it. We will get back to you with a quote.