Benedict Farm Park Sign

BENEDICT FARM PARK in the town of Montgomery, New York is a place for community and is a result of a lot of communal involvement. A playground project, begun in 1999 when the 102 acre property was purchased, was recently completed with room enough for 100 children, and with sections for both younger and older ages, as well as kids with disabilities.

Next to the Walkill River, the park provides an important habitat for grass-land breeding birds as well as others. The sedge wren, a threatened bird, has been seen here, as well as the bobolink. Nesting boxes for eastern bluebirds have been built here and it is the perfect area for redwing blackbirds, eastern meadowlarks and willow flycatchers.

Community gardens are also an important part of the park, as well as a walking trail along the river and a boat launch. It is also an archaeologically significant location. Areas are designated for both recreation and for leaving natural.

The park was ready for an entrance sign that would be bright and eye-catching, something handcrafted and friendly. Danthonia was ready to help, and the end result was this striking sign with hand carved letters and hand painted artwork. The sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) which is similar to wood in weight, density and workability, but is much longer lasting in the elements, since it is completely waterproof and insect-proof and will not rot, split, crack or warp like wood will do over time. The paints are highly UV resistant Dulux Weathershield exterior acrylics.

Carved & Painted
Flat Painted
Sign Size
84 " x 34 "