Lake Kandle Campground Sign

LAKE KANDLE is a family campground and swim club located in Washington Township, New Jersey. It began in 1960 when the owners of a truck farm that was not doing so well financially decided to change direction and turn their farm into a swim club, using the natural lake on the property. With vision and a lot of hard work – landscaping the lake, bringing in tons of sand, building swimming pools and buying equipment, constructing camp sites, renovating farm buildings and building new ones – the farm was transformed into a beautiful vacation setting for families who want to get away from it all – whether from far away or from nearby Philadelphia. Home to the Lake Sharks (the club’s swim team) and to many faithful campers who return every year, Lake Kandle is a great place for community and for forging lasting friendships. Some families stay the whole summer, and keep in touch during the rest of the year too. It is a place to relax and interact – like going to summer camp, but having the whole family along – the best of both worlds! Judging from the many photos on Lake Kandle’s Facebook page of grinning kids holding the fish they caught, it is a great place for fishing, too!

The owners wanted a new sign for their campground. They were looking for something that would communicate the quality of the experience here – something that would be classic and yet not too fancy. In the end, this sign was a very distinctive dimensional welcoming statement, with hand prism carved add on letters as well as hand incise carved text. The artwork was chip carved using hand gouges and hand painted, while the various add on panels added to the dimensional quality of this attractive sign.

Prism Carved Add ons
Chip Carved Add on
Sign Size
72 " x 48 "