Wooli Goanna Pulling Sign


Goanna pulling is an offbeat, all Australian sport that dates back to the nineteenth century. It’s a test of strength between two people (not two lizards!) who lie stomach down on all fours, facing each other, and pull backwards on a leather belt that goes around their necks. The first one to pull their opponent over the line is the winner. The name of the sport comes from the fact that they look very much like two goannas when they are in this position.

The Wooli Sports Ground, in northeast New South Wales, is the place where the annual National Championships take place, and this will be the 28th year running, with people coming from all over Australia. It is a pretty organized affair, with men’s and ladies’ age and weight divisions offering cash prizes, as well as many other events on the day, including wood chopping, novelty races for all ages, dog obedience trials, tug of war teams, market stalls, sprint races, brick carrying competitions, reptile show, various rides, and children’s activities.

We had a lot of fun making this unique sign for the Wooli Sports Ground. It is especially dimensional, with large hand sculpted and painted goannas, as well as add on letters and banner. Other text was incise carved with hand chisels. A faux wood grain was hand textured, along with a rusty steel look, all hand painted to give the effect, yet with longer weatherability in the elements. The sign is made of high density urethane (HDU) which has the same weight and density as wood, but is completely waterproof.

Add on letters / Carved
Sculpted & Painted Add on
Sign Size
94 " x 19 "