Wayfinding Signage

'WAYFINDING has been around ever since the first bunch of cave men got lost trying to find their way home from a wooly mammoth hunt' - David Gibson (The Wayfinding Handbook)

More recently, the art and science of wayfinding has become an essential part of urban planning. Besides just showing visitors how to get around, wayfinding signage can be used to make your campus, town, or facility a beautiful place. A handcrafted wayfinding system can make the journey as much of a pleasure as the destination.

As towns, cities, and complex public spaces focus more on issues such as 'walkability', a beautiful and cohesive wayfinding system becomes all the more important. If you are considering implementing a wayfinding strategy, don't settle for a generic, off-the-shelf product. The signage should reflect the unique character of the space. Here's where a custom sign-shop like us can help. Get in touch as early as possible in the project, and we can assist and consult in developing an appropriate wayfinding strategy for your town, city, hospital or school.

  • Here at Isaac Regional Council, we were extremely impressed by the professionalism and expertise shown by Danthonia in both designing and erecting the seven signs.

    - Mark Crawley, Isaac Regional Council

How to Order

  • • Find a sign you like then click “send me a quote”. We will tweak the design for you, and send you a quote.
  • • If you already have a design idea, email us and attach it. We will get back to you with a quote.